What Size Wood to Use for Slat Panelling: Exploring the Options

Arguably, the most important part of renovating with wood slatwall panels is the type of wood and its color. Once you’ve nailed the aesthetic you want, it’s time to consider size and shape. 

Room Size

Many small rooms, such as offices and guest bedrooms, have limitations in terms of wall space. In smaller rooms, narrower vertical slats work best–they help to create the illusion of depth by breaking up what would otherwise be a plain wall. This can relieve the sense of confinement people sometimes feel in smaller rooms. 

Contrastingly, a large, open space, such as a meeting room or large living area, can benefit from larger and wider panels. These spaces can also benefit from creatively arranged smaller panels. You can make small panels feel larger by installing them in unique patterns or by utilizing the space between them. 

Slat Profile Varieties

After you’ve decided on the size of the panels, you’ll want to choose a profile design. Profile is the shape of the panel's front face, and there are numerous styles to choose from.


A gentle wave pattern offers a look that is both contemporary and natural. Inward curves help to break up a wall's profile and give it a more natural feel, similar to how crown molding creates a seamless blend between wall and ceiling. 

The way that light and shadow play off of these curved surfaces also enhances a room. Light is absorbed in some areas and amplified by gentle reflection in others, creating a stunning yet relaxing space. 


A fluted design creates a gentle undulating appearance across a wall. It is both visually appealing, as well as tactile. Its shape evokes feelings of classical architecture, while being perfectly suitable for the modern office. 

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Linear Groove

Linear groove slats are minimalism par excellence. Their razor-straight edges create strong vertical lines that make a ceiling's height feel far higher than it is. They also add an airyness to the room that a flat wall simply cannot match. 

Similarly, the effect of linear groove slats when caught by light is stunning. The narrow grooves create a pinstripe pattern of light and dark that is sure to draw the eye's attention. 

Creative Shapes Aren’t Just for Walls

Walls aren’t the only place panels of various designs can be used. For example, wood slats on the ceiling can create wonderful and unexpected light patterns. Part of the beauty of slat paneling is its ability to seamlessly blend with any surface on which it is placed. 

A Full Range of Options, Ready to Install

Whether you need to outfit your home theater or your office's new meeting room, 27estore has what you’re looking for. Our slat panels are designed to add a touch of nature to your next renovation.

If you’re ready to take the next step and elevate your room's aesthetics, head over to the 27estore website and browse our full selection. To learn more about our extensive options, don’t miss our article on whether wood slats or metal slats are better!