During the Enlightenment period of Europe in the 1700s, the royalty of the day understood the value of a ceiling as a canvas. Palace ceilings were often adorned with breathtaking painted scenes or wood carvings that would cost a fortune today. These incredible pieces of art served a single purpose–to amaze guests. 

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, ceiling panels made a comeback. If you’ve ever found yourself in a turn-of-the-century building and looked up to see tin-stamped ceiling panels, you know what we mean. The goal was the same, but with mass-produced tiles, opulence was suddenly available at a reasonable price. 

Today, architects and interior designers are again exploring the untapped potential of ceilings as a visual space. One option is wood slatwall panels, which look as great on the ceiling as they do on walls.

Visual and Psychological Benefits

Sophistication is the name of the game when it comes to wood paneling and slats. It's incredible how the addition of a simple wood grain pattern can transform a space. 


Ceiling slats can add texture and warmth to any room. Wood’s beauty lies in its ability to add an organic touch, making a room feel alive and welcoming. 

Walls are designed to display our favorite pieces of art and decor, so why not do the same with our ceilings? The shaped features and textural appeal that wood slat paneling adds to a ceiling can make it something to be admired, rather than ignored.  

Mood Play

Wood slat paneling doesn’t have to evoke a natural feeling. Darker wood can add a strikingly modern tone. For example, black linear groove slats can play with lighting in unexpected ways, making an ordinary office space feel futuristic. 

If you’ve been wondering what size wood to use for slat paneling, it's up to your personal tastes, but we can offer a few ideas to jumpstart your inner interior designer.

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Room-Specific Ideas

Sometimes, design ideas don’t come naturally. Here are a couple of real-world examples of how wood ceiling panels can fit in unexpected places:


You’ve shelled out thousands for mahogany cabinets to give your kitchen that rich and visceral feel. Why not extend that design across the top of the room? Making cabinetry fit visually with crown molding can be difficult for the eye to admire. 

What if we removed the molding entirely? With wood slatting, you can seamlessly blend the top of your cabinetry with your wooden wall ideas, and extend it all the way across the ceiling. 


Many people have wooden bedroom furniture, be it the bed frame, the nightstand, or the armoire. People love the natural, calming feeling wood can evoke.

Utilizing wood slat paneling on a bedroom ceiling allows you to play with light and ambiance in ways you never thought possible. For most of us, the first thing we see when we open our eyes is our ceiling. Having warm wood paneling displayed across your ceiling creates a tranquil environment from the very moment you wake up.

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