Light Oak Madison Glass Interior Door


If you are looking for a door that is more of a glass door than anything else, this light oak model is a great option. It features a large rectangular piece of glass that covers much of the door's plane from top to bottom, framed in securely by light oak.

The light oak is a solid hardwood with amazing light reflecting qualities and a very fine grain. It blends very well with a variety of decorating schemes, from modern to traditional, and with a multitude of color palettes from pastels to neutrals to very dark browns and reds.

This glass interior door would work very well as a barrier between a dining room and patio area. It also would be fitting for a conference room, artist's or musician's studio or to hide a kitchen pantry. Remember, all of our doors are fully customizable, so colored glass is an option, too. 

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Every complete door set includes the following features:
All Eco-clean materials
Natural wood veneer
Dense slab composure reduces noise
Heavy feel door - NO honeycomb/NO paper filling inside
Solid wood frame (when jambs are ordered)
Rubber sealed door stop (when jambs are ordered)
Regulating jambs (when jambs are ordered)
2 sets of molding included (when jambs are ordered)
3 hinges included (when jambs are ordered)

Lead time: 5-7 weeks

Things to consider in comparing our interior doors


27Indigo Doors

Other modern doors

Slab composition

Engineered/solid wood

Paper filling


Solid wood

MDF/Composite materials

Lever sets

Brand name Emtek/FSB/ValliValli


Regulating Jambs

Yes – up to ½”



Natural wood Italian veneers

Laminates, generic veneers

8 ft doors available

Yes – select models

Varies with supplier

Fully customizable


Varies with supplier

Double doors available


Varies with supplier

Lead time

6 weeks

8-14 weeks

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