Zebrawood Newport Glass Interior Door


When it comes to letting the light in, this zebrawood interior glass door holds nothing back. Three large panes of glass dominate this door design, offering plenty of light and plenty of vision from room to room, while providing an effective sound barrier, too.

While it is very much a glass door, this design is also a bit more versatile in terms of style. The juxtaposition of wood and glass make it function stylistically as a traditional paneled door, so you could use it with both modern and more traditional types of decor.

Our doors start with a base of solid engineered wood and go from there. Quality glass, fine Italian wood veneer and higher grade hinges and handles all add to the solid look and feel, and lasting durability of this door.


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Every complete door set includes the following features:
All Eco-clean materials
Natural wood veneer
Dense slab composure reduces noise
Heavy feel door - NO honeycomb/NO paper filling inside
Solid wood frame (when jambs are ordered)
Rubber sealed door stop (when jambs are ordered)
Regulating jambs (when jambs are ordered)
2 sets of molding included (when jambs are ordered)
3 hinges included (when jambs are ordered)

Lead time: 5-7 weeks

Things to consider in comparing our interior doors


27Indigo Doors

Other modern doors

Slab composition

Engineered/solid wood

Paper filling


Solid wood

MDF/Composite materials

Lever sets

Brand name Emtek/FSB/ValliValli


Regulating Jambs

Yes – up to ½”



Natural wood Italian veneers

Laminates, generic veneers

8 ft doors available

Yes – select models

Varies with supplier

Fully customizable


Varies with supplier

Double doors available


Varies with supplier

Lead time

6 weeks

8-14 weeks

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