15 Kitchens in Blue – The Latest Color Trend in Kitchen Design

Are you in the process of trying to decide your new kitchen design? Are you tired of the same, boring white kitchen cabinets you’ve had for years and want to go with something that makes more of a statement? Are you looking for a color that will bring your kitchen to life again? If you answered yes to any of these questions then why not consider choosing the latest color trend for your new kitchen cabinets – blue!

Countless homeowners are looking to revamp the most popular room in their home with one of the many shades of blue kitchen cabinetry available. It is quite common to have large groups of family and friends gathering in the kitchen. Studies have shown that even when people are quite comfortable in other rooms of the home they often migrate to the kitchen. The color blue is also calming and relaxing, which could result in family members spending more time in the space. Furthermore, studies have shown that various blue hues help with reducing stress. This is an added benefit to your color choice during those incredibly stressful holidays and large family gatherings.

When searching for the perfect shade of blue for your kitchen cabinets you will choose from light, medium, and dark categories. The lighter shades of blue include pastel, baby, powder, and greyish-blue. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the deeper, richer hues which include cobalt, night, and sapphire blue. These darker blues will provide a more dramatic look and feel to your kitchen. Some of the most popular blue kitchen cabinets trending include those pictured below.

RAL 5002 - Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine blue kitchen cabinets

These sleek ultramarine blue cabinets bring a modern touch to this kitchen layout. Lovers of the ocean can incorporate this shade of blue which is very reminiscent of the deep blue sea. Accent this particular shade of blue with stainless steel appliances and hardware as pictured.

RAL 5003 - Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue kitchen cabinets

These floor-to-ceiling sapphire blue kitchen cabinets will make a dramatic statement in any kitchen design. When using darker shades such as this pairing it with white walls and cabinets help reduce the formal look and feel.

RAL 5005 - Signal Blue

Signal Blue kitchen cabinets

This signal blue kitchen cabinetry makes a statement alone. When combined with the bright red backsplash and white countertops the blue intensifies setting the tone for a happy and lively kitchen. Choosing a color scheme like the one pictured also offers a very fashion-forward display of patriotism.

RAL 5007 - Brillant Blue

Brillant Blue kitchen cabinets

To prevent the brilliant blue color of these kitchen cabinets from overpowering the kitchen pair them with a light color. In this particular case, using white walls and countertops give this kitchen a light and airy feel. The addition of the stainless steel handles, range hood, and stove adds to the ambiance.

Brillant Blue kitchen cabinets

Another design style for kitchens involves incorporating the matching color to the underside of the bar. The use of the matching brilliant blue cabinet color pops against the white of the countertops and the barstools. The overall look of this kitchen is welcoming.

RAL 5009 - Azure Blue

Azure Blue kitchen cabinets

Azure blue kitchen cabinets are an ideal option for those who want to bring the sky into the heart of their home. In this photo, the azure blue cabinets coupled with the wooden backsplash offer a rustic feel to the more modern style of these simple cabinet doors. The grey countertops add to the influence of the sky in this kitchen design.

RAL 5008 - Grey Blue

Grey Blue kitchen cabinets

The dark grey-blue tones of this cabinetry set themselves apart from other blue cabinets. They offer both the calming and relaxing effects of hues of blue while the grey is more neutral. The overall look of the kitchen is tied together by installing marble countertops and a white backsplash.

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RAL 5022 - Night Blue

Night Blue kitchen cabinets

This kitchen features a unique design concept. The designer pulled the color of the night sky inside incorporating it in both the kitchen cabinets and the countertops. The presence of the white sink and walls is almost a subconscious inclusion of the stars at night. By including the wood countertop it helps transition the dark kitchen to the brick displayed in the adjoining room.

RAL 5012 Light Blue

Light Blue kitchen cabinets

In this kitchen design, the use of a light blue and white makes for an ideal combination. The colors provide for a very open and spacious feeling. When opting to use blue in smaller kitchens it is better to go with the lighter shades. Kitchen spaces can look and feel much smaller when choosing darker blues, such as a night or cobalt blue.

RAL 5013 - Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue kitchen cabinets

When daring to go with cobalt blue cabinets you are going to make a statement. The extensive storage is a statement in and of itself. Coupling grey with the blue is a popular color combination trend utilized in countless homes.

RAL 5021 - Water Blue

Water Blue kitchen cabinets

The blue-green color of this cabinet makes it very reminiscent of water. The presence of white walls adds to the almost cooling effect this cabinetry has on the room. Homeowners interested in a nautical theme kitchen would succeed using this shade of blue.

RAL 5020 - Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue kitchen cabinets

When creating a kitchen design that revolves around the colors of the ocean be careful with your color combinations. An ocean blue if paired with the wrong colors could cause the kitchen to feel dark and overcrowded. When pairing it with complementary colors, such as white and grey, the kitchen looks quite large.

RAL 5018 - Turquoise Blue

Turquoise Blue kitchen cabinets

Turquoise blue is a bright and cheery option for any room. It is exceptionally pleasant in this open concept kitchen. The use of the light wood flooring helps open up the space further. The use of pendant lighting over the bar is both functional and ties in with the appliances.

RAL 5026 - Pearl Night Blue

Pearl Night Blue kitchen cabinets

The installation of these deep night blue kitchen cabinets from floor to ceiling makes for a stunning room. The stainless steel ovens installed in the cabinetry in conjunction with the stainless steel handles adds a hint of brightness to dark blue hues.

RAL 5024 - Pastel Blue

Pastel Blue kitchen cabinets

Pastel blue cabinets make for a relaxing kitchen atmosphere. The cool blue color works well for those interested in using blue but prefer not to use the darker hues.  To further add to the open feel of this kitchen white and grey flooring are incorporated. Another brilliant feature of this design is the smooth lines created by handleless cabinets.

RAL 5025 - Pearl Gentian Blue

Pearl Gentian Blue kitchen cabinets

The gentian blue cabinets pictured are not a true blue. They are a more purplish blue in nature. The sleek cabinetry spans almost the full height of the wall with the exception of a strip of white at the top. The expansive windows, unique oval range hood, and lack of visible handles make for an impressive contemporary kitchen design.

Getting in on the blue kitchen cabinet trend is easy because of the countless options available. Take your time and check out a few samples before making your final decision. See how the existing colors and lighting in your kitchen work with your potential blue kitchen cabinet choice.