So the time has finally arrived and the kitchen remodel you have been planning and discussing for weeks, or months, has finally arrived. You have done the easy part, looking through magazines and brochures, ordering in cabinet door samples, picking out the perfect cabinetry and counter-tops and creating your plan – now the difficult part begins. It is going to be something of an upheaval, but it will be worth it. Today we thought we would share with your our top tips for preparing for your kitchen remodel so that it all runs smoothly and according to plan.

Tip Number One

Gather up your most frequently used items. We are talking the coffee maker, can openers, cups, silverware and dinner plates. All of those things you use every single day. While your kitchen is out of commission you will still need these things so keep them all together in one easy to reach place. Also remember to pop in some kitchen foil, storage baggies and trash bags.

Tip Number Two

Get your food organised. Pack away all of your canned goods, boxed items and bottles into boxes and mark the contents so they are easy to find when you need them. Plan out your meals and choose simple dishes as you will not have full cooking and cleaning facilities. Be prepared for a few days of salads and cold cuts and pastas than can be made in a single pot.

Tip Number Three

Store all infrequently used items in your basement, loft or garage. These are the things you wont be using during the work. For example, you wont be baking cookies or cakes in the midst of it so pack away those baking items and ingredients.

Tip Number Four

Take the opportunity to de-clutter. Since you are going to have to empty out every single one of your kitchen cabinets and drawers, you have the perfect chance to throw away or donate those things you never use. After all, if that loaf tin has sat in the back of the cabinet for 3 years, you probably don't ever use it again anyway!

Tip Number Five

Pack everything away carefully. Wrap breakables in newspapers or bubble wrap for added protection. Also make sure you remove curtain rods, curtains and blinds and store safely until work is complete. It is also usefully to put dust sheets over electronic items like television sets or computers in adjoining rooms to prevent dust getting into them.

Follow our five handy tips and your kitchen remodelling will be a breeze. Skilled professionals can complete the task in just a few days so the upheaval is more than manageable, just think of the beautiful new kitchen that will be left behind!