The popularity of wall panels is ever increasing in the world of interior design, especially in the bathroom. Often people looking to update their bathroom do not want to go to the expense of replacing the bathroom cabinets or the tub and toilet. Instead, these individuals choose to make use of wall panels to give a brand new look rather than traditional décor like paint, wallpaper or tile. One of the main reasons for this is the when doe correctly, wall panels can offer additional durability and will extend the life of your bathroom walls.

Wall panels are a great alternative to wall tiles in the bathroom because they do not require the use of grout. Grout looks great in the beginning, but over time it can be difficult to keep clean and can become discolored. It is also common for mold to grow in these areas. However, with wall panels you are getting a relatively maintenance free surface which will last for many years. The wall panels will enhance the overall look of the bathroom. At we have a huge range of wall panels to choose from in a variety of different styles and materials. We can also customize our wall panels to your needs allowing you to get creative and put your own personal mark on your décor. All of our wall panels are pre-finished so there is no need to stain them. We offer two different finishes, clear finish which protects the wood colours from fading over time and glossy finish which encases the wood surface and offers a semi-reflective sheen.

Wood panels are not only for use in the bathroom, our wood panels also look great in other rooms of the home. They are becoming a popular choice in kitchens and can also be used to create a feature wall in lounges and bedrooms. We have also supplied wood wall panels to many corporate clients for use in hotels, clubs and offices.