In terms of the latest interior design trends, 2012 has been a year which has focused on materials. The most popular looks have been centered around real wood, exposed brick, glass features and aluminum. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, we have seen a recent demand for aluminum. It is fresh and modern and will stay in fashion for a long time. It is also durable and easy to clean which is always a bonus in the kitchen. Our range of brushed aluminum cabinet doors are available in custom sizes to fit your existing cabinetry. They are professionally finished with laminated surface to be both strong and durable. They are very easy to maintain and will wipe clean with warm water. When installed in your kitchen they will provide a chic, modern look you can be proud of.

However, for some people, the addition of aluminum cabinet doors may be too much,especially if you are updating from a traditional style of kitchen. Maybe they would not look right with your cabinetry? Or maybe you are  wary of too much aluminum if your kitchen is on the large side. That doesn't mean having to miss out on this trend. We can help you achieve that much sought after modern look in your home with our extensive range of  aluminum frame interior doors. Let's take the FIFTY Aluminum Frame Glass interior door as an example. Glass and aluminum make the perfect combination when it comes to achieving modern interior decor. This particular door is sleek and smooth with a large glass panel set in a stunning wood finish all of which is framed in stylish aluminum. The door jamb itself can be supplied either in aluminum or in the matching wood used in the door.

This is just one of many aluminum framed doors available at, we are proud to offer a complete range of stunning interior doors all of which incorporate the latest aluminum trends.