If you are like most homeowners you probably have all kinds of  improvements or upgrades in mind, but you just don’t have the budget. If your kitchen is an area just screaming out for an update you can always explore options in RTA kitchen cabinets (ready to assemble) in order to afford the project.

What is an RTA kitchen cabinet? As stated, it is one that comes disassembled and which saves the buyer a ton of money because it requires full assembly before it can be installed. This, however, does not mean that an RTA kitchen cabinet will be devoid of style or upscale materials. There are, in fact, many contemporary European cabinets available as RTA models.

The most important factor in selecting this option is to ensure that the space has been measured precisely and that a variety of floor plans have been tried. RTA cabinets can allow for a huge amount of customization because the homeowner is free to use them in any way possible. For instance, a clever planner might use a few base cabinets to build their own custom kitchen island.

Saving money is a huge motivation for selecting ready to assemble options, but if the cabinets will not be durable or provide the kind of good looks desired they will not be worth the investment. This means that the buyer should explore options to include real wood and veneers cabinet doors, high quality drawer glides and hardware, and strong solid wood drawer boxes, and materials no less than ¾” in thickness.

Once the quality of the materials is confirmed, the buyer might also want to determine if the actual purchase and delivery prices will keep costs significantly lower. For example, an RTA kitchen cabinet assortment will generally save any homeowner at least a few thousand dollars in basic material costs.