A door is a door…right? Not really, and many modern home and apartment dwellers know that the very first impression of their home is made by the doors through which people enter. Now, a lot of people put great thought into the front door and the foyer, but their worries about the statements made by their door selection tends to end right there. This is unfortunate because there is such an enormous array of designer interior doors available, and each can really “set the stage” for the room beyond it.

Just like all other doors, however, designer interior doors will come in a range of sizes and styles, but most will be pre-hung and include molding and jambs in the price of the purchase. This is usually to allow for a perfectly matched appearance more than for ease of installation. Consider the loss of quality if a very modern door were to be framed in a material that clashed with the good looks or the overall quality of the woods used to make it.

Interestingly enough most people automatically assume that designer interior doors cannot translate to eco-friendly doors, but that is not the case. There are many choices made of responsibly harvested woods and veneers, and which can still make a strong impression due to their unique designs.

Before selecting any new interior doors it is usually necessary to consider any structural anomalies or problems which might make it tricky to tackle the installation. Even if this is the case, as is common with older homes, the better interior door manufacturers will use everything from knock down frames to self-regulating jambs in order to provide owners with a flawless installation. If you are not an experienced carpenter, however, you may want to consider hiring someone with a bit of knowledge and expertise to tackle the installation of any designer doors.