When it comes to the overall look of your kitchen , the cabinet doors are perhaps the most prominent feature. They are the 'face' of the cabinetry and even the smallest damage can be fairly noticeable. This is why caring for your kitchen doors can be so important. We have put together some tips to help you care for your new cabinet doors and keep them looking their best for as long as possible.

  1. Maintaining A Boundary

    The most common damage that cabinet doors can sustain is from accidental kicks and bumps from heavy objects. If you want to prevent these accidents, then you can establish a boundary to warn you when you are too close. One example which can really help is to add a few floor rugs in front of your kitchen cabinets. Once you reach the edge of the rug you will know that you are close to the cabinet and can take extra care. Area rugs like this also serve another purpose in that they can catch spills, most of which happen in the vicinity of the cabinets so your floor also gets some added protection.

  1. Make Use Of Anti-pest Precautions

    The majority of cabinet doors are made of wood, so they are of course at risk from termites and other pests. That is why it pays to treat the wood with anti-pest solutions to avoid any problems. They say prevention is better than a cure and in this case, that old adage is certainly true.

  2. Establish A Regular Maintenance Routine

    Above all else, it is important to keep your cabinetry clean and well maintained, so get yourself into a regular routine. At 27estore.com our cabinet doors feature real wood veneers not only on the face but on all inner and edge surfaces. They do not require any additional staining to protect them. Our veneers are all strong and durable, but you can help to prolong their life by regularly cleaning the doors with water or a non-abrasive detergent and by wiping dry with a soft clean cloth.