Making sure that your kitchen or bathroom has sufficient storage space, while achieving a chic overall design is a dream easily realized with cabinetry from . Our stunning range of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities can provide just the right balance between style and practicality. They look elegant and fashionable, but do not lose any of the internal storage thanks to our European style frameless designs.  However, you may have difficulties choosing between our free standing or wall mounted options. A great starting point when tackling this decision is for you to compare the benefits of each style of cabinetry. You should then be able to decide which one will best suit your particular needs.

Freestanding cabinets are much easier to fit from an installation perspective. If you purchase your free standing kitchen cabinets pre-assembled then all you will have to do is position the cabinets in the desired location. That means that there is no need for lengthy installation process.  However, if the installation instructions are followed correctly, then wall hung cabinets should also be fairly easy to install. The downside is that some walls are simply not strong enough to support the weight of wall hung cabinets so that is something you will want to check out before making any decisions. One of the other benefits of free standing kitchen cabinets is that they are usually tall and narrow which ban be really useful if you need a cabinet to slot into a tight spot. On the other hand, if you have a fairly compact kitchen or a small en suite bathroom, then you may find that wall mounted cabinets offer a better use of your limited space. It is also common to have a wall mounted cabinet above the sink with a mirrored door.

No matter which type of cabinetry you opt for it is important to keep in mind how much storage you require, and even what you will use the storage for.