Here at, all of our interior doors are supplied pre hung. These are fairly easy to install with just a few tools and some patience! Follow this guide for some tips and tricks to make installing that new interior door a breeze!

Tools Required

  • 2' or 4' Level
  • Finish Hammer & Finish Nails (or alternatively a compressor and finish nail gun)
  • Wooden Shims
  • A Tape Measure
  • Hand Saw (or Jigsaw)
  • Miter Saw (hand or electric is fine)
  • A straight 2x4
  • Scrap lumber

The first thing you need to do (although you should have done so before purchase) is to make sure the door is of the appropriate size. You will want the opening to be three quarters of an inch to an inch larger than the door and frame. This goes for both horizontal and vertical measurements. You will have measured at the time of order, but it does no harm to double check before starting the installation. Next you should ensure that the floor is level, if it is not then you must trim of of the side jams as necessary.

Now, before setting the door in the opening, tack some scrap lumber around one side of the opening to act as a stop to ensure the jams will be flush with the wall. You can now set the door and center it. Make sure to push it tightly against the scrap lumber you positioned earlier. Start at the top corner on the hinge side and slip 2 shims behind the door jamb from the opposite side and nail into place. Then move down to the bottom and repeat this process just below the hinge. It is important to make sure the door stays level, so make use of your level. It may be easier to tape it to the 2x4. Then nail the middle and repeat the process for the opposite side of the frame.

Once the door is fitted you can go ahead and add the door casing or molding and you interior door is ready to go!