When shopping for your new interior doors, you will come across a number of different terms relating to the design and construction of each door. This can get confusing if you are not up to speed on the terminology. That's why we are de-constructing our interior doors for you!

All of the interior doors offered for sale at 27estore.com are solid core doors. This means that the door is constructed from dense, solid material rather than being stuffed with paper filler. This makes the doors virtually soundproof and much more durable than hollow core doors. The hollow core doors are wood veneers with a hollow center filled with paper filler.

We often talk about door slabs, this is the main component of an interior door and it is the part most people associate with a door! It is the part that fills the opening and opens and closes within the frame.

We sell the majority of our interior doors as pre-hung which means that they are supplied complete with the slab, jamb and trim. These are much easier to install than those which need the jamb and trim to be assembled on site. The jamb is the trim that is fitted around the inside of the opening into which your door is to be installed while the trim is the 'picture frame' style wood which surrounds the doorway.

It's easy to think that one interior door is much the same as another, but at 27estore.com we offer a much superior quality of door. We use only solid wood cores in our slabs and use only high quality, environmentally friendly materials. This gives us that little something extra which allows us to offer you an interior door which has both style and durability. Looking good need not break the budget!