You've heard us talk about our European style RTA cabinets in previous posts, but we have never really gone into a large amount of detail about what makes these one of our more popular choices when it comes to kitchen cabinets.

First, let us answer on of the most common questions we are asked – What does RTA mean? It's pretty simple really, RTA stands for 'ready to assemble' and means that the cabinetry you are purchasing are provided flat packed. They are ready for you to assemble on site rather than being put together in the factory. This is usually a more budget friendly option than pre-assembled cabinetry. Shipping of RTA cabinetry is easier therefore the shipping and handling costs are lower and in addition, because the cabinets are assembled one by one as required, it can make the job site tidier as you have not got a number of bulky cabinets all over the room. Instead you, or your contractor, can assemble one cabinet, install it and move on one by one.

European style refers to the actual design of the cabinet. These are inspired by the look favored in European countries which incorporates a clean and contemporary look. The European style of kitchen cabinets does not usually feature any carving or other nooks and cranies making it much easier to maintain. It is often referred to as 'no frills' due to the sleek design. European style cabinets are often known as 'frameless' cabinets because the components – such as the doors and drawers are fixed to the cabinet internally in order to eliminate the need for the usual frame. This not only adds to the clean, uncluttered look but also adds a little more storage space allowing you to maximize the space in your kitchen.