When you think about French doors, you most likely imagine double glass doors leading out onto a terrace or deck outside of the building. However, interior French doors are becoming increasingly popular as a way to transition from one living area to another. At 27 estore we offer a variety of double doors including clear glass French doors, heavy wood double doors featuring frosted glass accent panels and paneled double doors with contemporary style. Double interior doors are fantastic for areas such as a lounge to dining room transition. When entertaining you can open the double doors allowing for a natural flow between both rooms, and then close off the dining area to make a cozy lounge area for more intimate get togethers.

The majority of our customers opt for a classic French door in wenge wood featuring frosted glass panels. This offers a really warm and sophisticated look which is a great fit for both traditional décor and more contemporary design. All of our interior doors – including our range of French and double doors – are constructed of solid wood for durability and longevity. We never take short cuts like filling hollow doors with cardboard honeycombs. While these techniques may mean that doors can be sold at a lower price, we know that our customers prefer to pay just a little bit more to purchase good quality interior doors which will last for years to come. All of our interior doors are an investment.

We are happy to customize the design of any of our French doors to meet your own preferences. For example, our staff can discuss the benefits of choosing either frosted or clear glass accents for your door and also the placement of the panels since often this adds to the aesthetic appeal. Double doors are one design feature which has already stood the test of time. It is a classic look which can easily be given a contemporary twist. We use only the finest of materials, all of which are sourced from eco-friendly suppliers. This means that every single set of French doors we provide are top quality. Our doors are supplied in all standard US measurements, but we can also make custom sized doors on request.

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