After moving into a home, some may want a new color scheme for their kitchen. A great way to do this without breaking the bank is to simply paint the cabinetry. 

This way, the cabinets can complement the wall colors as desired and you don’t have to choose wall paint based on the wood grain or color of the existing cabinetry. Alternatively, pre-painted cabinet doors are available in a wide range of colors

Prepping to Paint

Examine the cabinetry carefully to determine what it’s made of. You should always use the best paint for kitchen cupboards based on the material of the cabinets. You’ll also need the following sandpaper and primers:


  • Medium-grit sandpaper 
  • Bonding primer 
  • Latex paint 


  • Fine-grit sandpaper 
  • Oil-based primer 
  • Acrylic or enamel paint

Real Wood

  • Coarse sandpaper and medium-grit for finishes
  • Oil-based primer and paint


  • Fine-grit sandpaper 
  • Rust-resistant primer
  • Oil-based enamel paint

Next, gather painting supplies, such as medium and small brushes, painters’ tape, and plenty of plastic sheeting or drop cloths. If several cabinets need to be redone, you can use a paint gun–if you plan to hang the doors to paint them, a paint gun can make quick work of a kitchen makeover. 

Next, remove the cabinet doors very carefully. Leave the hinges attached to the frame rather than the doors. Remember that each cabinet is unique, so alignment and screw placement are critical. 

Take a large, flat piece of cardboard. Label it with door numbers and numbers to denote which hole each screw came from, then poke the screws you remove directly into the cardboard next to your labels. This will save a lot of hassle during reassembly.

Hanging Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors can be removed and placed on plastic sheets or drop cloths and painted easily. However, the paint must be fully dry before painting the other side, and if it isn’t 100% dry, dust and fabric patterns can make a mess that is difficult to correct.

Hanging the doors saves a lot of time and allows for the whole job to be completed in one session without waiting for the paint to dry before continuing. It also minimizes the risk that unwanted particles or patterns get stuck to the paint.

Look for metal hinge hooks that are specifically designed to hold the doors vertically by their hinge holes. If these cannot be found, you can drill a small hole in the top or bottom of the door and insert a small eye hook. Whichever technique you choose, sanding kitchen cabinet doors is an essential first step before hanging and painting.

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Sanding and Painting

Sand the doors using the prescribed sandpaper above. Always sand with the grain for real wood cabinets to help the grain pattern remain intact. For other materials, sand in slow circles. Sand gently with laminate and MDF, as sanding can quickly remove the finish and wear away the material beneath.

Be sure to wipe the doors clean before you add the primer. After the primer dries, gently sand the primer so it is ready to accept the paint. Apply the paint in even coats while keeping the stroke pattern consistent. 

Use a medium brush for larger areas and a smaller brush to get around the finer details, such as handles or carved patterns. After the door is dry, if a second coat is needed, apply it and wait for it to dry.   

After the paint is dry, you can remove the eye hooks from the door if need be and fill it with a touch of wood filler or paint over it with a small brush. The hole should be unnoticeable, especially at the top of upper cabinets and the bottom of lower cabinets. 

Now it is time for reassembly, and the carefully labeled screws and doors will ensure the doors are aligned exactly as before. Don't fully tighten each screw before moving on to the next. Instead, insert all the screws, then tighten them individually to achieve the perfect alignment. 

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