There are many different types of doors used in office buildings, and the amount needed for each will depend on the size of the building, the layout of the rooms and floors, their purposes, and the overall design and desired ambiance of the office space. 

There is no set formula for determining the number of doors that are needed in an office building, and there are affordable office doors for every budget. To figure out how many you need, you must walk through the space and measure the openings between areas. Also, determine where you need to create new workspaces and nail down the purpose each location will serve before you start purchasing doors.

Purposes of Doors in Office Buildings

Doors serve a practical purpose as well as add to the aesthetic of a building. To get started, here are some basics about the types of doors commonly found in offices and the purposes they serve:

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors provide security and protection from outdoor elements. The number and type of exterior doors needed in an office can vary considerably depending on the size and style of the building. They are often made of corrosion-resistant metal, thick glass, or fiberglass.

These doors are usually placed in high-traffic areas and have advanced locking systems such as deadbolts, keypads, and manned desks to ensure security. Offices also need at least two means of egress in the event of an emergency so people can safely evacuate the building.

Interior Doors

Doors installed within an office environment help divide areas into different functional areas. They can also enhance privacy and the visual appearance of the working area, and there may be fire regulations for internal office doors that need to be considered, depending on their location.

Interior doors are often made with wood, glass, or metal. Wood provides a traditional look that is often seen in executive suites and boardrooms. When a sense of openness and transparency is desired, as well as a means of dividing areas in a modern and contemporary office, glass is a good option. Metal is commonly seen in ultra-hip creative spaces or in areas that need extra security.

Access Doors

Access doors are extra durable and provide added security for sensitive areas such as data centers, mechanical rooms for utilities, building maintenance, etc. 

These doors are often made from metal, are fire-rated, and have access panels that require codes to open. Some are soundproof, which may be important for certain business purposes. Access doors frequently have security mechanisms such as keys, codes for keypads, deadbolts, or surveillance cameras.

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Final Thoughts

Because each business operation has unique office needs, it’s best to consult with an expert from 27estore about your office design and door needs, including how to cover the window of your office door. Installing the wrong door in the wrong place can lead to unexpected headaches, including violations of local building regulations.

27estore experts have an extensive collection of European-style doors that can elevate your office environment and provide the security, privacy, and ambiance you are looking to achieve. Ready to get started? Reach out for advice or check out our selection today!