If you’re tired of your bathroom cabinet style or noticing its wear and want to know if you can reface bathroom cabinets, the answer is ‘yes.’ A little prep work, sanding, and priming are great steps to get you started on refacing your bathroom cabinets. Then, apply your new paint or finish, along with new cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware, and your cabinetry will look good as new!


Refacing cabinets for bathrooms can be a great way to give your space a fresh look without the high cost and hassle of replacing the entire cabinet. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect new additions to restore your bathroom, 27estore has a wide variety of options to choose from–including cabinet doors, drawer fronts and even vanity base cabinets for those looking to do a full renovation. Our luxurious design options are custom-built to fit your room and budget!


Our Step-by-Step Guide


While many people may turn to the professionals for help on a project like this, you can tackle this project yourself. We’ve compiled this general guide to help you learn how to reface a cabinet properly!


Prep the Area and Materials


After wiping down your bathroom vanity cabinet, remove any doors, drawers and hardware from the cabinet base. If you plan on reusing them, label them so you know where they go later.


Wipe down the cabinet surfaces, including doors and drawers, to thoroughly remove any dirt, grease, or other residue. Then, begin sanding to create a smooth surface for the new paint or finish to adhere to.


Optional: Apply Primer


Before you apply your new finish, you can apply a layer of primer. This will depend on the type of material your cabinet is made of and how you plan to finish it. Be sure to wait for the primer to dry before applying your finish.


Apply Your New Finish and Sealant


This step could involve painting, staining, or applying a laminate or veneer. Choose a finish that complements your bathroom aesthetic and decor. If you’re purchasing new cabinet doors and drawers, it’s essential to pick a finish that looks the best with your choices.


If you are painting, consider sealing the vanity, doors and drawers with a layer of non-yellowing, water-based polyurethane for added protection.


Finalize With Finishing Touches


When the finish is dry, you can add your doors and drawers to the frame. Make sure you put them in the correct positions. You can also add new hardware, like handles knobs or hinges, to elevate the look even further! It’s an inexpensive, easy way to upscale any bathroom cabinet.


Budgeting: Is it Cheaper to Reface or Replace?


According to Behind the Hedges, cabinet refacing is “less messy and disruptive” than replacing your cabinetry altogether. Doing the project yourself can save you the most money. The House Digest says cabinet refacing can run as much as 50% less than replacing the cabinets, plus save you energy ripping out the existing base!


If you decide to call in the professionals, take note that labor and material costs can add up quickly. If your cabinets are warped or damaged in any way, you may have to consider replacement as your main option to ensure the cabinets can stay functional.


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Refacing with 27estore


27estore bathroom vanity cabinets, cabinet doors, and drawer fronts are easy to install and can make any space feel like home. With our diverse range of cabinet selections, there is something for everyone–no matter your style preferences, budget, or space size.

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