The size of your medicine cabinet will ultimately depend on the size of your space, the measurements of your bathroom base cabinets, and the height of those who will use the medicine cabinet. When embarking on a bathroom renovation, you should consider if you can reface your bathroom cabinets, what finish you should choose, and what size your cabinet should be.


Picking the right size medicine cabinet in proportion to your vanity is not just about aesthetics‒it’s a critical part of ensuring both functionality and overall appeal of your bathroom space. No matter the size or style you need, 27estore has several options to choose from that works best in your bathroom space. We offer a variety of finishes, as well as single and two-door choices that can fit any style and budget.


Measurements Matter


When designing your bathroom space and adding a new medicine cabinet, measurements are key to installation precision and accuracy. Having correct measurements ensure that the medicine cabinet and vanity fit seamlessly within the space, maximize functionality, and look good in the room.


Measure your vanity’s width to figure out how wide the medicine cabinet should be. The medicine cabinet should be a little narrower or around the same width as your bathroom vanity. Then, measure the distance between the bottom of your bathroom lights (above your vanity cabinet) and the top of your sink faucet. You need to make sure it has proper clearance between the faucet and bathroom lights; the cabinet will likely be slightly smaller than the space you have available.


Pay close attention to the placement of the medicine cabinet in relation to the vanity. If space is limited, consider using visual tricks like mirrors or lights to create an illusion of spaciousness. Remember, without precise measurements, you run the risk of an improper fit or a poor aesthetic–which could lead to you being unhappy with the finished result. 


Other Factors to Consider


Medicine cabinets are often used to store medications, grooming items, and other toiletries and these cabinets are typically mounted on the wall. Inside, you can adjust shelving and integrate lighting to make it easy to find the item you’re looking for–even in the middle of the night. Think about your needs and the style and aesthetic you’d like to emulate in your bathroom.


The material and finish you select should work well with the other fixtures in your space and provide proper storage solutions for all your needs. When setting your budget, consider the upfront cost and potential installation help, such as hiring contractors to install the cabinet.


We suggest choosing a medicine cabinet that is both high-quality and durable. Doing so not only boosts functionality, but also elevates your style!


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27estore medicine cabinets are made with high-quality materials built to last in your bathroom. All of our cabinetry parts are cut to size and pre-drilled to make assembly and installation as easy as possible. Our medicine cabinets come in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and adjustable shelves tailored to your own bathroom style and storage needs. 


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