Whether you have modern interior doors or you live in an older house with genuine solid-wood doors, your doors need to be painted from time to time. Perhaps the paint is flaking, or maybe you need a fresh coat to brighten up your home and make it ready for the market. Here are some things to consider when approaching a professional painter to repaint your doors:

Do They Charge By the Foot or by the Hour?

The vast majority of painters are going to charge by the square foot when assessing the cost of a project. After all, more square feet of space means a longer time spent painting and a higher cost in materials. 

This method of pricing means that the painter fixes their price ahead of time so that there will be no surprise fees at the end of the job. Of course, there are going to be some painters who work by the hour, so don’t worry too much about getting overcharged on a project–simply make sure to discuss with the painter how long they estimate a project will take. 

Be sure and ask about any potential problems with your job, and remember that any issue is going to incur an extra cost. Painting complex objects like expensive crown molding or ornate woodwork may lead to additional charges due to the extra time and care needed. 

Should You Add a Layer of Paint or Start From Scratch?

Too much paint can be a major factor in why internal doors stick. Excessive layers of paint also add weight to a door, which puts stress on the hinges. For these reasons, most professional painters would recommend that a door be stripped to the bare wood before it is repainted. However, some types of low-cost or hollow doors may not be durable enough to handle being stripped or sanded. 

It should be noted that choosing to add a layer of paint to an existing layer is far cheaper than paying a painter to strip a door; it also saves money on primer. If you’re looking to sell a home and the painter has no objections, simply adding a layer of paint can save a lot of money. 

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What Is Paint Quality Like?

Speaking of saving money, there are many different types of paint, from oil-based to latex to enamel. All of them have pros and cons and correspondingly different prices. A professional painter can guide you through your options and recommend the best paint for the job, given your unique home’s situation. 

Professional advice is especially valuable if you live in a harsh environment that is humid or suffers wild swings in weather. What costs an extra $50 now can save you $300 a few years later when the paint wears out because of the environment.

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