As a homeowner, you may be looking to replace your interior doors. In the past, the only option was to have solid wood doors. Nowadays, more options are available, leaving you to decide which is the best choice for your home.

Today, we’ll answer your burning question: are all interior doors hollow? We’ll also show you where to find for your next home improvement project.

Should All Interior Doors Match?

With so many types of doors available, you may also be wondering . In our opinion, doors look best when they match. It ties your home together and adds the same aesthetic throughout. When , be sure to use the same paint or finish on each door.

Hollow Interior Doors

As time went on, hollow interior doors became the most popular option for mid-priced homes. That’s still the case today–the insides of the doors are made of plastic or cardboard with wood or fiberboard surrounding them. They’re lightweight, making installation a breeze.

There are some downsides to having hollow interior doors, though, which is why some homeowners pursue other options. They aren’t very good at blocking out sound, and heat is able to pass through them easily due to air pockets.

Solid Core Doors

Think of solid core doors as a hybrid between hollow core and solid wood. These doors are made from engineered wood with wood veneers covering it.

While this option is heavier than solid wood doors, solid core doors are better at canceling out sound, making it a great option for musicians. They don’t require much maintenance, and they are unlikely to warp or expand over time. If you’re not a fan of hollow core doors, consider solid core doors instead.

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Solid Wood Doors

Another option is to install solid wood doors. Unlike the previous two options, solid wood doesn’t have a core. Instead, it’s one piece made from one species of wood. There are no veneers or inner workings for this type of door–what you see is what you get.

Solid wood doors are the most expensive option, but they come with some benefits. They’re easy to add a finish to in order to make them work for your space. They’re also the most heat efficient, keeping a room as hot or cold as you need it. While solid wood doors aren’t practical for most homeowners due to their price, they’re still an option if you’d like to pursue them.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, not all interior doors are hollow. You can find them made with a solid core or made out of solid wood, instead. However, hollow core doors still remain the most popular option for homeowners.

As you weigh out the pros and cons of each type of door, we at 27EStore are here to help! We offer a wide variety of interior doors, both solid and hollow. Browse our website to learn more about our inventory, and contact us if you have any questions about your next home improvement project.