If you have old wood interior doors, it may be time to give them a new coat of paint. A little bit of paint can really update an old looking door, so don’t overlook doing this fun DIY project. Painting your doors is easy, even if you don’t think you know what you’re doing. If you’ve never done it before, we’re here to help you excel at it!

Today, we’ll show you how to paint old wood interior doors, and we’ll also show you where to find in case you decide to buy them new. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have the confidence you’ll need to tackle this important home improvement task. Get ready for beautiful looking doors that will impress your friends, neighbors, and family!

Replacing Your Doors

As you consider painting, you may be asking yourself, Each new door may cost anywhere from $100 to $500, so you’ll need to multiply that by the number of interior doors you’re replacing. For those looking to improve a home on a budget, painting is the more affordable option.

Installed or Uninstalled

The first step to painting your interior doors is deciding whether you’ll keep them installed or uninstalled while you paint. There are pros and cons to both. If you leave your doors installed while you paint them, you won’t have to re-attach them when you’re done. However, you’ll have to be prepared for paint to drip off the doors, and paint may get on the door frame.

If you detach the doors from their hinges prior to painting, you’ll get the project done more quickly and without the chance of someone touching the door while you paint. One downside to this, though, is that you’ll take up far more space in your house if you have doors lying on the ground.

However you wish to paint your doors is up to you. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to jump to the first step.

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Choose a Color and Paint Type

Like deciding whether to leave your door installed or uninstalled, choosing a door color comes down to personal preference. Select one that goes well with the rest of your home’s interior. No matter which color you choose, your old wood doors will look brand new.

The type of paint you use is just as important as the color paint you use. Typically, people use latex paint. Because your doors are made of wood, though, you can also get creative by using chalk paint or another type of paint–it’s your home, so ultimately, the choice is yours.

Remove Hardware

Next, you’ll remove the hardware from your door. If you buy new doors from 27EStore, you can skip this step! You can also skip this step if you’re painting your doors while still installed.

Prepare for Painting

Once you’ve removed your hardware, it’s time to prepare your doors for painting. They won’t be ready to paint right away, especially if they already have paint on them. To prep your doors, you’ll need to first sand them down if they’re already painted. You should also consider testing for lead paint, especially if the doors are older.

Next, use wood filler and a putty knife to fill in any damage the doors may have. If there are no issues, feel free to skip this step.

Lastly, you’ll want to scrub each door with warm water, dish soap, and an all-purpose cleaner. Let it dry for about fifteen minutes before painting.

Time to Paint

Using a roller brush, you can paint your doors quickly and smoothly in the direction of the wood grain. Alternatively, you can use a paint sprayer for a completely even finish–this is the fastest way to paint your doors, and it’s also the most reliable. If you can’t get a hold of one, a roller will work just fine. Paint your door in one sweeping direction to keep from removing drying paint. You’ll also want to make sure you fill in any recesses with paint.

Don’t want to go through this process? You don’t have to–instead, you can buy the perfect new interior doors from 27EStore. We offer quality products for any home improvement project. Browse our selection of doors today to give your home the upgrade it deserves!

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