When you are giving your kitchen a brand new look, you will want to consider the style that you are aiming for before choosing your kitchen cabinets. This might depend a great deal on your household.

If you have a family, then there is every possibility that your kitchen is a busy little hub where everyone gathers for meals, to chat and maybe even do homework or play games. If this is the case then you will want a kitchen that is both warm and inviting while still being functional and durable to withstand day to day use by the family. One of the best options for this type of household is to select cabinets made from one of our natural wood veneers. There is nothing that can provide warmth and a homely feel like natural wood can. Here at 27estore.com, we have a huge selection of natural wood finishes to choose from. We can provide new kitchen cabinets in your chosen wood finish or reface your existing cabinetry with new cabinet doors. Some of our most popular choices for family kitchens include maple and oak both of which can provide natural warmth to the room. Our wood veneers are also finished to the highest possible standards so that they can withstand the abuse of day to day life in a family environment.

However, not everyone wants a homely family kitchen. If your household consists of just you or you are part of a couple living a chic and fashionable lifestyle then you may not be interested in traditional cabinetry. Instead you will want something chic and contemporary. Whether you want somewhere smart to share a bottle of wine with your friends, or somewhere chic to enjoy a romantic dinner for two we have you covered. In addition to our wide selection of natural wood veneers, we also have many more contemporary choices. This includes contemporary wood grain like salsawood and lapiswood or modern alternatives like brushed aluminum or high gloss finishes.

No matter what the kitchen needs of your household are you will find the right cabinetry to suit you at 27estore.com.