When it comes to your workplace, first impressions matter! Imagine yourself in your clients shoes. If you are looking for a service and you visit two offices – one smart, with impeccable interior design and one plain and slightly shabby – which are you more inclined to gravitate towards if the service and cost are equal?

The answer is always the one which looks more upmarket! We want to help you make your place of business work for you. With 27estore.com you can create a chic office space at a reasonable price with our extensive range of cabinetry, wall panels and interior doors. Here are just a few ideas to consider:

  1. Why not dress up your plain painted walls with some wooden wall panels? You could panel one complete wall behind your desk, or perhaps just add a few panels centrally to create a feature. Wooden panels can bring texture and style to your room. We can supply them in many different styles, just choose from our high quality Italian wood veneers.
  2. We have learned two important facts we want to share:- file cabinets are boring and cabinetry is not just for kitchens and bathrooms! Why not add some cabinetry to your office to provide that much needed storage space? Store all of your office supplies and maybe even conceal your lockable file cabinets inside quality cabinetry. You could even match it to the veneer on your wall panels!
  3. Interior doors are important when creating an impression. When someone walks into your office the first thing they see is the door they are entering through. At 27estore.com we have doors to suit everyone. We cater to all tastes. Not only can we offer solid wood doors in a range of finishes, but we can trim them with additional materials including glass, metal and leather.