We often think of French, or double, doors being only for exterior use. They are commonly used for exiting onto a patio, balcony or deck outside the home. However, when you make use of interior double doors you can create a dramatic entrance into your room.

One of the most common ways to use interior double doors is between a lounge and adjoining dining room. Think of the possibilities if you were to implement this in your home. On those cold winter evenings, you could close your double doors and make the lounge area cosy for you and the family to settle down and watch a movie, but come Christmas when you have extended family round you have the chance to open up those French doors to reveal the dining room and essentially double the size of your room to accommodate everyone. This is perfect when entertaining at any time of the year.

Unlike a standard interior door, having your double interior doors open creates a wide enough entrance that the rooms can flow into one another. Not only that, but if you incorporate glass into the doors, then even when closed there is a bond between the two rooms. This is especially useful if one of the rooms has insufficient natural light, because by inserting glass panels into the double doors you will allow the light from the other room to filter through.

Of course another more practical reason to have double interior doors is if you are adapting your home for a disabled family member. It is often difficult to get a wheelchair or even a walking frame through a standard interior door, but with a double one you will have plenty of room to manoeuvre in. If you are carrying out adaptations of this nature then it is a good idea to find out if you are eligible for any financial assistance to do so.

Whatever the reason for wanting double interior doors, we are happy to help you with your selection. We have a large variety to choose from and if nothing suits your taste then we are happy to work with you on a custom design.