We all know how wall secured wooden panels make a difference to the style of a space. Our solid wood paneling solutions are designed to do exactly that: enable you to use custom wooden panels to produce a overall look and feeling which is exclusive for your living and working areas. Natural wood patterns featured on our solid wood wall panels are exactly the specifics that will make your walls so attractive: with a straightforward set up, you are able to create the complete experience you have been searching for within your décor.

You've noticed this dignified appearance before: maybe at your doctor's office, at your lawyer's building or maybe a plush hotel. The natural warmth provided by these wall panels really invites you in and professional interior design firms have been taking advantage of these properties for some time in the commercial sector, so why not put it to use in your own home? At 27estore.com it is our intention that you are able to recreate this elegant and contemporary look at home for a very affordable price. You too can achieve this look that you have been coveting in the past. We are eager to create a custom order for you, allowing you the opportunity to select whichever wood finish complements the rest of your décor. The end result will be beautiful ad is perfect for bedrooms, studies, or hallways - or in fact any room where you desired a modern style.

Wood wall panels generate a distinctive visual benefit inside of any living space. The beauty stems from coordinating your interior design and style to your many choices in wall panels that you will find instore. Our products use only the very best in Italian natural wood veneers and eco-friendly materials which are lovingly built to order giving you a superior quality wood panel which is right for your design need, built to be long lasting and still kind to the environment., Wood paneling builds character. Take a simple slab wall. You find them everywhere : in office spaces and in living rooms and indeed anywhere people congregate. Simply by introducing some wood wall panels to this blank space yo uare instantly injecting some character into the room. What kind of character depends heavily on the type of wood you decide to opt for as each type has it's own unique characteristics

While we hope our online selection makes finding the perfect wall panels easy, we understand that the perfect fit in terms of style and color is a carefully measured decision. To help, we offer you some wall panel samples so you can make a better, more informed decision. And if you would like to discuss some custom wall panels, our design and fabrication teams are standing by, eager to hear what you need. We will be glad to work with you to customize wall paneling systems.