If you’re replacing or refacing your kitchen cabinets, you’re probably looking at hardware for the doors as well as the cabinets themselves. Knowing which hardware to use, if any, is important. 


As you’re evaluating your cabinet refacing cost, you should add hardware into that estimate. For example, tall kitchen cabinets with doors may require a higher budget due to requiring more materials.


In this post, we’ll explore when to use knobs and when to use handles. Because this choice depends on several factors, we’ll go over some of the factors to consider so you can make an informed decision!


Do I Need Hardware on My Cabinets?


Whether or not you need hardware on your cabinets depends on which style of cabinets you currently have or are switching to. Overlay cabinets don’t require hardware, but the inset style is incomplete without it. While inset cabinets are more expensive than overlay, they come in every color and finish, making it easy to customize your kitchen. 

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As you redo your space, you may be wondering what color cabinets go with gray walls. White, cream, black, and shades of blue will all work, and you can find all of these in the inset style. If you go for overlay cabinets, you may have to paint them to match these colors.


Knobs Versus Handles


Generally speaking, knobs are best for cabinet doors. They come in a wide range of looks, so you won’t have to settle for an appearance you don’t like. 


Install your knobs two and a half inches away from the corner of the doors. Choose knobs that are between one and one-quarter inches to one and three-eighth inches in diameter for the best results.


Handles are best used for kitchen drawers. The grip on a handle is best suited for a pulling motion, spanning the width of the drawer and makes them easier to use. This also protects the finish, because oils from your hands won’t be transferring to the face of the cabinet or drawer.


Can You Mix and Match Knobs and Pulls?


There are a couple of different ways to arrange knobs and pulls. You can put knobs on all of your doors and handles on all of your drawers; alternatively, you can balance things out by putting knobs on the top cabinets and handles on the bottom ones. This all comes down to personal preference.


How Much Do Knobs and Handles Cost?


For many people, cost plays a role in what kind of kitchen upgrades they get. Thankfully, knobs and handles are similar in price, with knobs costing between $6 and $10 and handles costing between $7 and $12. 


The price is mostly dependent on the finish, material, and design; you should expect to pay more for solid stainless steel or bronze than you would for plastic. A variety of looks are better for different cabinet colors and materials, so consider these pairings when you look at knobs and handles–not just the price. Longer handles also cost more due to the increase in material used.


Moving Forward


At the end of the day, handles and knobs serve the same function on kitchen cabinets: they help you open the doors. With this in mind, it comes down to personal preference which ones you use and where, although handles are better than knobs in certain situations. 


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