Planning a remodel or a redecorating project involves tons of work, and just as many decisions. What color to paint the room? What kind of flooring to install? What should the window dressings look like? How about the lighting? The list goes on and on, and one of the items that is often overlooked is the doorway leading into the room or area being remodeled. For the purpose of this discussion, we will look at the many types of modern interior double doors, and why choosing them correctly is so important to the success of a project.

So, what’s the big deal with interior double doors? Okay, let’s just start with a little visualization…you should think about a wall with a single door in it. On the other side of this door might be another room, a closet, or even a dressing room and bathroom area. That single door makes the entrance into the other space a bit restricted, and if there is a lot of empty wall space surrounding the lone door the entire space can actually seem to shrink. If, however, you replace that single door with a pair of beautifully made double interior doors you would get the impression of a larger room, along with the increased amount of access into the adjoining area.

If the space being remodeled is already outfitted with a standard set of French doors you may still want to consider changing them to suit the style of the redecorating about to begin. This is made extremely simple by the availability of high-quality doors through top-notch online vendors. The best will offer a variety of styles finished with all-natural wood veneers that can include exotic woods as well as more traditional choices. They will come as solid doors and also as those using decorative and functional glass panels and panes too.