Walnut is among the most versatile of all woods to use for interior features. It can be found in a European style with heavy and dramatic grain, or it can be found in a much less elaborate variety that simply and discreetly introduces the natural warmth of wood into any setting.

It is used in many ways for its unique grain patterns, and some home furnishings and accents actually utilize the grains to create a stunning visual impression. For instance, a series of cabinets might have facings running in alternating directions to give them a modern and whimsical look.

Also consider the many types of interior doors available. Huge numbers of them are made from Walnut, but the finishes and designs give them a seemingly endless range of workability. There are extremely formal double doors with a darker stain that can add a huge amount of grandeur or elegance to a room, but there are also single transom doors that incorporate frosted glass into their design in order to bring light into any room.

There is also Walnut wall paneling that can provide a huge amount of impact in a large number of spaces and ways. Just consider the good looks of a library or office space in which one wall features a system of beautifully textured and colored wall panels made from a distinctive variety of this popular wood. Alternately, envision a bedroom with a paler color scheme, but in which the panels can be used as a substitute headboard.

Additionally, many home owners and apartment dwellers decide to incorporate Walnut into their kitchen, bath, and dressing room spaces through the use of cabinetry or cabinet doors made from this wood as well. The grain lines and the colors are an ideal option for a range of décor styles in such rooms, and the material is so low-maintenance as to be virtually problem-free.