It is often a better idea NOT to follow fashions when it comes to interior design, especially if it involves the expense of installing a new kitchen in your home. However, that does not mean you can't have a stylish home! There are some things that never go out of fashion! Ask yourself how long the 'little black dress' has been a staple feature of every woman's wardrobe? Why should it be any different within the home! Black kitchen cabinets are the interior design equivalent of the LBD and you can comfortably install them safe in the knowledge that they will still be in fashion for years to come!

Some people are nervous about a black kitchen, fearing that it may be too dull and oppressive. However, when teamed with light counter tops and walls – or even a bold color like lime green, your black kitchen cabinets will look sleek and stylish and any color accents will really pop against the solid black. One of our personal favourites here at is the sleek and shiny High Gloss Black Cabinets. These beauties really give the air of a contemporary professional kitchen that would not look out of place in a 5 star restaurant! We have seen some really exciting design choices featuring these cabinet doors including teaming them with plenty of gleaming chrome or adding a variety of textures with leather seating and woven area rugs. We also think they look fabulous with granite counters. The possibilities are absolutely endless!

If the high gloss is too haute couture for your taste you can still get on board the black bandwagon with our more traditional black wood grain cabinet doors. These offer a more traditional family kitchen with just a little touch of added drama. One of our favorite uses of these particular cabinet doors was one customer who teamed it with one green feature wall and accessories in the same color. The black and lime really popped against each other and offered a really fashionable look which could easily be altered by changing the accent color.

If you want to try adding some designer chic to your kitchen then drop by and see us and check out the various options we have to offer.