No matter whether you are looking for a door to seamlessly blend into your interior décor, or one that adds a splash of contrasting color, the range of designer interior doors at let's you be in complete control. Take our SIXTY white glossy door as an example, this Italian design is constructed from solid MDF with a high gloss, light reflective finish which offers a contemporary look for your doorway. This design offers complete privacy without sacrificing style making it perfect for use anywhere in your home from bedroom to lounge or even in your office!

In addition to the high gloss white finish, this particular door is also offered in red or black finishes. It can be fully customized with glass or wood inserts as required allowing you to match it perfectly to your interior design style. The door is supplied pre-hung and features an aluminium frame and chrome satin hardware. Installation is easy and out customer service team are always on hand to answer any questions. If you are seeking the perfect modern option for your interior doors then this is probably it!

Never underestimate the impact of interior doors. Think about it this way – when you enter a room for the very first time, the first thing you see is the door! It will create a lasting first impression of the room before anyone ever sets foot inside. Then again, when you leave a room the last thing you see is the door etching a memory of the room in your mind! If you choose one of the designer interior doors from the range, then you need never worry about your doors making the wrong impression or letting down the rest of your carefully decorated room.