If you have a small or galley style kitchen in your home then you will know that storage space is key and that counter space is premium real estate! If you only have one area of counter top then the addition of a kettle, a toaster oven and a microwave – not to mention other small appliances can soon eat away at your space leaving you no where to prepare meals. That is why our tall kitchen cabinets are becoming so popular!

We have a range of tall cabinets which are modified to house a microwave fitted into the cabinet itself while still providing storage space by way of drawers or shelved cabinetry either above or below the microwave oven. This frees up a substantial spot on the counter top giving you more room to slice and dice to your heart's content!

Our tall cabinets are available in a range of different sizes including a variety of heights, depths and widths to ensure we can fijust about any microwave oven! Of course, not all of our tall cabinets are designed as combination units, we also stock a range of storage only options which feature a combination of shelves and drawers to offer all the storage space your kitchen could ever need.

If you do install tall cabinets then it is important to e aware that they will draw a large amount of the focus in your kitchen. We understand this too and that is why we feel it necessary to ensure that they are not just storage options, but that they are aesthetically pleasing as well. That is why like all of our cabinetry, the tall kitchen cabinets in our range are created from the same high quality materials and real wood veneers.