If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, then you will no doubt have been browsing catalogs, websites and magazines for inspiration. Maybe that is what brought you to 27estore.com? If so, then you may have come across some perplexing terms! What on earth is a RTA cabinet? Why do I need plumbing rough-ins? What is the difference between pre-finished and natural finish? It can all get pretty confusing and you will soon become overwhelmed! We have put together a comprehensive list of definitions of the mot common terms not just in relation to cabinetry, but also interior doors to help you understand what you really need. You can find that here.

However, let's take a more in depth look at the possible finishes available for your kitchen cabinets as this is perhaps one of the things that will matter most in terms of the overall look of your new kitchen. The main difference in finishes is that natural finished cabinets are actually unfinished. They are provided without a finish to allow you the flexibility of finishing them to suit your own style, although this does mean some extra work on your part. Here at 27estore.com our cabinetry is supplied pre-finished which means that the stain or veneer is already applied and the cabinets are ready to go.

We have a large range of finishes available from standard natural wood finishes like Teak, Walnut, Oak or Maple to more exotic choices including zabrawood, chocolate pear, salsawood and lapiswood. We even have contemporary choices like brushed aluminum, high gloss white or high gloss black. This means that we have something to suit every color scheme and taste. The finish of your cabinets will really set the tone of your kitchen so you will want to consider your choice very carefully. Why not take advantage of our samples service to get a hands on idea of the end result?