Bathrooms could possibly be the most under rated room of your home! Nobody really considers them to be a room at all, but where do you go for a long hot bath after a hard day? Where do you have that invigorating morning shower to wake you up andget the blood pumping for the day ahead? That's right – the bathroom! Doesn't it deserve a little bit of care and attention? If you are thinking of replacing your bathroom cabinets, why not think a little bit more about what could be done to really make your bathroom look great?

Look at our range of cabinet doors for some fun color ideas, if you have a flashy color on your bathroom walls or for your cabinet doors, put in white tiles. Try some random brightly colored tiles here and there to accent the white, maybe picking up the colors from your cabinetry. Simple white tiles complement any wall color making them an excellent, versatile choice for a bathroom. Reds, greens and blues make wonderful accent colors to the tiles. This will help make the tiles appear bright and the area look cleaner. Also, it's very easy to change if you decide to change it sometime in the future. In fact, one popular veneer choice for bathroom vanities is our salsawood which features those very colors!

Of course it is not all about the coor and the cabinetry! Whenever you're remodeling your bathroom, you may want to refinish your tub instead of having the entire thing replaced. You can have the look of a brand new tub by taking advantage of the newest products from tub refinishing companies. The bathroom tiling can also be refinished if need be. It is unnecessary to spend the money replacing this if there is no sign of water damage. If you do want to replace the tub, then pdestal tubs are great in virtually any bathroom. These tubs are both classic and beautiful. You can get a tub with a shower attachment, or simply fix a shower to the end of the tub. There are also options that are found at your local hardware store.

If you fancy a more rustic looking bathroom, salvaged materials fit well when redesigning. Teaming these sort of reclaimed items with some classic natural wood cabinetry lookd stunning. Antique tiles and recycled sinks flow well with theme of a room like this. There are millions of possibilities, so use your imagination and hit the salvage yards! Using these components can yield a beautiful bathroom without going over your budget.