Remember back in the day, when wood wall panels were considered the very height of fashion in the interiors world? Then suddenly somewhere along the way we seemed to fall out of love with them, branding them old fashioned and passe. However, the wood wall panel is back and it is almost unrecogniseable from the previous incarnation. With some beautiful finishes and greener credentials thanks to responsible, sustainable sources of wood it is time to let wood paneling back into your home!

The modern wood wall panel has cast off the tackiness it was once associated with and has presented itself as a sleek and modern take on a rustic design feature. Now any home can enjoy the warmth that only comes from natural wood. The design choice was originally popular throughout the 50's, 60's and 70's mainly because it was inexpensive and easy to maintain. However, overtime they were swallowed upy cheap versions featuring zero wood and soon the world began to see trashy where once there was a fasshionable interior design choice. All that has changed, whether used as an accent wall, or to add some texture to a room, wood wall panels are returning to reclaim their rightful place in interior décor.

Our wood wall panels will add instant aesthetic appeal to any space. We value quality above all else so you will find only Italian natural wood venneers and eco-friendly materials which are pain stakingly crafted to order by our highly skilled artisans. Our goal is to create the beautiful wood panel you are dreaming of while offering quality and durability without comprimising the environment. We hope that is what we have achieved, but why not take a look at the wall panels we have on offer at as find out for yourself.