Sometimes, all you want is to finish a room with a little touch of luxury. This is easily achieved with a beautifully hand crafted interior door and what could be more luxurious than sift, rich leather. An interior door is probably the very last place you expect to find leather, but that is exactly what you get with out ONE 8ft Aluminum Frame Leather Door. This opulent design features a solid slab door covered in gorgeous mocha brown leather and completed with a shining aluminum frame. It simply screams opulence, but while it is certainly a high end modern look, it does not leave you cold like many modern designs. The sumptuous mocha colored leather is very warm and inviting an you won't be able to resist reaching out to touch and stroke it!

Some of the rooms that might be perfect for such a statement interior door include an office, a dining room or a home library. Just imagine curled up in a big leather armchair of the same color in the corner of a room full of leather bound books. Having your own library may seem out of reach, but this door is equally at home in any room with nice wood furniture and a modern look. A leather interior door is going to be a focal point in the room and all of your friends will be talking about it. The idea may seem very high fashion, but if you think about it carefully you will soon be able to find a room where it works and it will make perfect sense.

Of course, interior doors are not the only place you can have a touch of leather! It can also work in seating, upholstering bar stools, picture or mirror frames and so many other little details and accents. Let your imagination run wild. This leather interior door is only the beginning. It is so beautiful you may just want to design an entire room around it!