There is no such thing as a standard kitchen. Every home not only has a different shape and size, but also a different energy and style. The kitchen is the beating heart of a home and as such is seems to absorb all of the energy and vitality of the family who use it day in and day out. There is a very real danger of losing that when remodeling a kitchen. If you suddenly modernize everything it can turn into something very cold and clinical. Here at we are very sympathetic towards retaining the character of your home and we will be happy to help you choose cabinetry and doors which will retain the warmth and ambience of your family kitchen.

You may have encountered the kitchen cabinet salesman in the past who only cares about selling the latest and more expensive features on offer. However, while shiny aluminum cabinet doors and slate flooring might be great for a trendy young couple, they are not exactly practical for a family kitchen! We want our customers to be happy, and sometimes that means keeping the overall look and feel of a family kitchen, but just updating it a little in the areas which are a little worn. For example, if you have some beautiful solid oak cabinetry, we might recommend simply refinishing the kitchen with new cabinet doors in a complimenting finish. We may also suggest adding a few wall cabinets to provide extra storage for your growing family.

The most important thing to remember is that this is your home and not a magazine showcase! Fashions come and go but the timeless beauty of natural wood will remain for a very long time. Speak with an advisor at 27estore today and be pleasantly surprised at our welcoming and helpful attitude. We don't do pushy!