Whether you have a home office or are fortunate enough to have a private office in your place of business, you may want to consider updating your space with office wall panels. The best versions are made using all-natural wood veneers and come in a huge range of designs and styles.

How would office wall panels fit into your space? Close your eyes and envision your work desk, office chair, and other nearby furnishings…does the space seem a bit unappealing? Now, envision the space with a backdrop of warm and natural wood paneling. If your office is like so many others it will probably take on an immediate air of warmth, tidiness, and even contemporary “hipness” with this simple addition to the space.

It is interesting to note that many designers use office wall panels as a base from which to arrange or organize the home or professional space. This is because they often serve as an incentive to keep things as uncluttered as possible. Imagine how you would hesitate to fill your desk with a lot of unnecessary objects if it was sitting in front of a beautiful group of textured, stained, and gorgeously grained wood panels.

For instance, there are some finer vendors selling Zebrawood panels which feature large squares of the striated wood set at opposite angles. This is a sort of checkerboard design that emphasizes the linear features of the grain of the wood. No one would want to block much of this panel with file boxes, paperwork, and clutter. Instead, they would select streamlined furnishings, and work to keep their space free of items that would ruin the décor. Interestingly enough, many of the best wall paneling is made from earth-friendly and sustainably harvested woods, and this is all in line with the clean and functional results that they often help to create as well.