Are you in the market for new kitchen pantry cabinets? If so, you’re probably looking for something trendy, not dated. It can be hard to keep up with what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’–especially if you’re not actively looking at Pinterest. 


It’s also important to keep in mind the trends for other parts of your kitchen, like the walls and countertops. These can play a role in what kind of cabinets you select for your renovation.


We’re here to show you what’s currently in style, and we’ll also touch on trends that are starting to fade away and are no longer considered relevant. Whether you’re just updating your cabinets or you’re looking at doing a whole kitchen makeover, we’ll help you make sure it looks great.


What’s Hot Right Now


First, we’ll start with the latest trends in kitchen cabinets. These are the looks you should be going for as you shop around:




White, cream, gray, and ‘greige’ (a blend of gray and beige) are currently trending because Blank Canvas is Behr’s Color of the Year. However, you may already be using these colors elsewhere in your kitchen. In that case, you might be wondering what color cabinets go with gray walls (other than gray)? 


We love white because it creates a contrast and adds light to an otherwise dark space. What should you do if your cabinets are a different color, though? Can you paint laminate cabinets? It’s not easy, but it’s completely doable.


Two-Toned Cabinets


If you’re looking for a dynamic and unique look, try two-toned cabinets. Popular color combinations right now include black and white, green and white, and gray and white. Use white on the inside of the cabinets and a color on the outside to make the cabinets look deeper than they really are.


Natural Wood


Medium and dark-toned wood is currently popular. While pine and oak are long-standing favorites, other types of wood are now in style, too. There are many different types of wood to choose from, but red oak, white oak, maple hardwood, and walnut are just a few examples you can’t go wrong with. 


What’s Not In Style


In 2023, we’re saying goodbye to certain trends in kitchen cabinets. These are some of the styles you’re better off avoiding:


Closed Upper Cabinets


Believe it or not, closed upper cabinets are fading out of popularity. Instead, people are going for open shelving to save money and show off what’s inside. If you’re going to get rid of your closed cabinets, though, you’ll need to declutter and carefully choose what to display.

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Farmhouse Style


Some people will be pleased to hear that farmhouse style kitchens are going away. This look is now considered tired and overdone, and it’s time for a change.


White Cabinets With White Walls


According to the experts, the all-white look is no more. White on white used to be popular, but now, people are realizing that it isn’t very inviting, and they’re swapping the brightness out for blues and greens.


Moving Forward


If your kitchen currently features cabinets that are no longer ‘in,’ it’s time for an upgrade. 27EStore has a wide variety of trending kitchen cabinets made from high-quality materials, as well as all of your other home improvement needs. Check out our selection to see what’s available today!