Kitchens are easily the most popular room to renovate, and they often reflect the homeowner's taste and style. Many people choosing to renovate their kitchen focus on two key aspects: the countertop and the cabinetry. 

An overlooked aspect of cabinetry is the cabinet pulls. Often attached with one or two screws, these tiny pieces can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a kitchen. 

For example, brushed brass handles against a similar hue of wood will struggle to stand out. However, placing mirrored stainless steel handles on dark-colored kitchen cabinet doors immediately makes a statement to first-time guests. For those contemplating a kitchen makeover, here are this year's trends in cabinetry and pulls. 


Loud and large are out; sleek and ‘barely there’ are in. Characterized by their modern style and clean lines, these pulls let the cabinets do the talking while remaining almost unnoticed. 

Barely a finger fits beneath the spacing, making them blend in. These pulls are perfect for people who have bold cabinetry with strong color schemes. Their small size also works well with traditional wood grain colors, giving the kitchen a modern look while maintaining a classic style. 

Classic and Versatile

Certain designs never go out of style. While homeowners want to give their home character, many also recognize the need to keep the house appealing to future generations. With this in mind, brushed nickel and satin metallics are guaranteed winners. 

Their appearance is intentionally designed to not outshine the cabinetry and drawers they are placed on. Because of the strength of recent minimalist trends, you won’t find any intricately carved handles in this year's style guides. Once again, it is all about understatement and simple, linear pulls are all that’s needed. 

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Matte Black and Modern

Homeowners who want to remain contemporary without going overboard are turning to matte black as a flexible option. The non-reflective nature of this material means it can either blend into a matte background or boldly stand out against modern mirror-finish cabinetry. 

Those looking to install glass in kitchen cabinet doors might also consider matte black pulls. They offer a subtlety while simultaneously maintaining an air of sophistication, helping to strike a balance between modern and classic. Matte tones also tend to pair well with traditional wooden cabinetry while providing a 21st-century feel. 

All Your Kitchen Styles in One Place

Here at 27estore, we have a wide selection of kitchen cabinetry and pulls. Classic woodgrain colors, such as deep mahogany and light oak, are all available. No matter your style, we have an option for every taste.

We also feature European-style cabinetry. Many find these cabinets and their durable laminate covers to be well-suited for a real chef's kitchen. Say ‘goodbye’ to removing grease stains from wooden kitchen cabinet doors, and say ‘hello’ to effortless cleaning!