Many people wish they could change the aesthetic of their kitchen without replacing all of their cabinetry. A kitchen makeover can be achieved through painting and staining, installing new handles and hardware, or adding slide rails to enhance shelf access. 

Some families choose to remodel their kitchen by opting for modern kitchen cabinet doors. Others want to take it a step further and replace their wood-front cabinets with glass. This task is relatively simple on paper, but requires familiarity with specialized tools. 

What You’ll Need

There are a variety of tools that will be needed before you start:

  • Jigsaw
  • Wood router
  • Masking tape
  • Glass pane, pre-cut to size
  • Clear silicone
  • Sandpaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Safety glasses and gloves

The jigsaw and the wood router are the tools that you’ll want to be proficient with before attempting this project. Practice on scrap wood of varying thicknesses to ensure you understand how to handle these tools. A few YouTube tutorials will also help.

Preparing the Door

After unmounting the doors, be sure to remove all the parts of the kitchen cabinet door, such as the hinges and handles. Place the door face down on a workbench. Most cabinet doors probably have a carved profile–this is the easiest place to prepare for cutting. The back of the cabinet door may also have an inset area that is separate from the frame. You can also choose this as your area to cut. 

After securing the door, measure your cut and outline it with masking tape. Regardless of the width and length of your glass pane, you must cut half an inch less in all directions. This means the hole you create will be smaller than the pane of glass. If your glass panel is fourteen by thirteen inches, the hole should be thirteen by twelve. This half-inch margin around all sides will be used as your frame for the glass. 

Next, grab your router. You’ll need to remove that half an inch around your cut. The router is needed because you cannot remove the entire area. You must leave yourself a minimum of a quarter-inch of wood at the front of the door to act as the glass frame. Carefully carve your frame while constantly checking your depth to ensure you stay within your quarter-inch margin. 

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Glass Installation

Before installing your glass, you’ll want to sand off the edges of both the wood and the glass to ensure it is easier to work with. You can use acrylic or plexiglass instead of real glass, though it may be prone to fading or scratching over time. 

Insert the glass into the face-down frame you’ve created in the back of the cabinet door. At the back of the glass, you should secure it to the frame using clear silicone or a similar type of adhesive. Reassemble your door handles and hinges and remount your door onto your cabinet frame.

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