Your kitchen is probably pretty full, with jars and pots adorning the counters and cabinets filled up with dishes, utensils, spices, and anything you can possibly fit in there. But the space on top of kitchen cabinets usually just lies there gathering dust.

Decorating the top of your kitchen cabinets can add the “oomph” factor needed to take your kitchen from simply functional to a space with a personality that fits your home. When you’re done researching the or you’ve found the perfect , read ahead for some ideas on what to put on top of your kitchen cabinets.

1. Functional Items

Kitchen cabinets are meant for storage, but their tops can be great for storage, too.

While you may be able to fit all your cups and plates in your cabinets, the top of the cabinets can be the ideal place for the more random items like storage jars, picnic baskets, and appliances.

2. Art Frames

Create your very own mini art gallery in your kitchen so that it offers some of your personal aesthetic. You can display paintings, drawings, pressed flowers, or photographs in colors that complement your kitchen’s palette.

3. Statement Pieces for Decor

A few statement pieces or small pieces of decor like vases or pitchers of flowers can help embellish your kitchen. A trip to the flea market or a garage sale can help you find lovely vintage items that could go perfectly on the top of your kitchen cabinets.

Make sure to choose pieces that stand out against the color of the wall behind them. You can also play with different styles, textures, and colors to find the perfect arrangement.

4. Chalkboards

Do you constantly feel like you keep forgetting things? Would your day be more organized if you had a to-do list you could look at throughout the day? Try using chalkboards!

You can write messages and reminders for yourself and your family on the blackboards, which can be placed on top of kitchen cabinets for everyone to see.

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5. Cookbooks

Keep your cookbooks right where you need them. Storing them on top of your kitchen cabinets means that they will be close enough for you to get a hold of when you need to, but also high enough so that they’re not sullied by food or water splashes.

Stacking cookbooks with a few statement pieces in between is a good way to organize them on top of your kitchen cabinets.

6. Carved Letter Messages

We all have ideas about what our home signifies or should represent—love or hope or family or comfort. You can reiterate these messages by displaying them in your home. The top of your kitchen cabinets can provide space to display messages spelled by big carved letters.

These letters can be fashioned from wood, plastic, or other materials in different colors and styles. Choose letters in a color and design that match your cabinets and the theme of your kitchen.

7. Indoor Plants

Create your own indoor garden right on top of your kitchen cabinets. Not only will it provide your kitchen with a burst of fresh, green color, it can also save you trips to the grocery store for herbs.

If the idea of having the look of an indoor garden appeals to you, do some research into the types of plants that can thrive in little sunlight. Just remember you may need to climb up to water the plants regularly. To make your indoor garden look the best, choose pots in colors that match the palette of your kitchen.

8. Little Curtains

Perhaps you’re not great at decorating, and you have a bunch of stuff to put on top of your cabinets that just doesn’t go together–but you still want your kitchen to look organized and pretty.

Hanging small curtains above your kitchen cabinets can help. All you need is a tension rod and your fabric of choice to create pretty little curtains to hide your clutter.

Of course, when it comes to revamping your kitchen space, no matter your aesthetic or preferences, 27estore’s got you covered! For more ideas on boosting your kitchen decor, check out our latest post on .