1) Bruce Willis – Bruce Willis’s home in Hailey, Idaho boasts of a beautiful kitchen. It is loaded with two refrigerators, two dishwashers, a Viking Six burner stove with dual ovens and a wine cooler. The elegant wood cabinets and the vintage lighting add to the charm of the rustic interiors. The stone countertops add a real touch of rustic charm to the entire décor. The combination of wood and stone is just a perfect blend of elegance and earthy charm.

2) Courtney Cox – The timeless charm of white is evident in this beautiful and elegant set up. The white countertops add so much elegance to the white cabinets and storage. Note the circular light in keeping with the symmetry of this entire set up. A touch of green adds just the correct amount of fresh feel to this kitchen. The elegant chair stools in wood finish are just the right addition of rustic charm to this chic setup and blends in beautifully with the modern fixtures and fittings.

3) Gerard Butler- A combination of modern with old world charm is what Butler’s kitchen is all about. A shining steel refrigerator just blends in beautifully with the rough edged look of the wooden countertop. The ornate lights add to the old world feel. The stone work on the walls and the tastefully placed wooden poles in rustic finish make this kitchen a truly remarkable example of how to blend the old with the new. It is like being in an 18 century kitchen with all 21st century gadgets.

4) Will & Jada Pinkett Smith- Wood, leather and earthen walls greet you in this gorgeous kitchen. Flowers add the touch of femininity to the entire decor. Intricate curving in the wooden kitchen cabinets of the central countertop indicates a tasteful touch of elegance. The wooden paneling on the ceiling adds to the cozy feel. The caged light adds to the charm. One cannot fail to notice how the little detailing on the woodwork and vases adds the feminine touch to the otherwise slightly masculine kitchen. It is simply a perfect blend for a perfect couple.

5) Sting and Trudy Styler- Clean, sharp and contemporary is the statement this kitchen makes. With plenty of lighting, it effectively uses a small space to create a large and fully loaded kitchen. The modern countertop, pristine white kitchen cabinets and the shapely modern chair add to the elegance of this chic set up. This no frills kitchen reflects a taste of elegance with functionality.