A French door is a matching pair of doors constructed of glass panels and is separated by wooden frames. Frames are set around the translucent panel windows and create a beautiful sectional symmetry. A matching pair of these doors adds brightness and class to any home they give any room an open airy feel.

Beautiful White French doors can give a home a vintage look. Painted black you can transform a dull apartment into a ritzy loft, painted red you can give a tiny home the look and feel of an italian bungalow.

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When installing a french door it is always important to have a weather stripping on the floor to prevent water from leaking in.

French doors can change the ambiance and look of a room and create richness as it lights the room. French doors that open up to a balcony or a garden provide a look that anyone would covet.

When a pair of French door is used in a living room or in a dining space or a dimly lit room it makes the room open up and provides perfect lighting for the room.

The benefits of installing french doors far outweigh any cost that may be associated with installing the french doors. You can add a touch of elegance to any home as well as incredible design and style. French doors have come a long way and are much more secure than they used to be. There are latches and security features that will keep your home beautiful as well as safe.

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If you are looking to gain more natural light in your home, the use of french doors allow light to penetrate into a once darkened space. French doors as exterior doors is always perfect for the back of a house and looks lovely when you are entertaining. When there is more natural light in a home whether it's from windows french doors or a skylight, you will save money on electricity bills.

French doors can also be used in hallways or to create an entrance to a library, office, or a playroom. It is also possible to get soundproof french doors which are an excellent addition to an office space. French doors can separate connecting rooms which would be perfect for a nursery or a sunroom. When light is allowed to get through it will make both rooms feel larger as well as brighter.

Some people have used french doors to create beautiful sunrooms. The amount of light that comes in when you have a line of these gorgeous doors makes it a perfect place for your indoor plants to grow and thrive. If a family has indoor cats this is a great place for the cat to bird watch and lounge around while remaining in the safe haven of the indoors.