When you are planning to update your kitchen or bathroom there are lots of things you will need to consider. One of these things will be whether or not you are going to replace the cabinetry or just freshen them up with some new cabinet doors. Both options have their pros and cons.

If you originally purchased good quality cabinetry, then the existing cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom may still be stucturally sound, even if they are a little shabby on the surface. In this case simply replacing the cabinet doors will take care of the aesthetics while saving you money as this option will cost less than a full refit of your cabinetry. Replacing your cabinet doors is also less of an upheaval and can be completed in just a couple of days with a minimum amount of mess and displacement. This can be a big attraction to many people, especially those with small children, who let's face it, can make any type of work in the home a lot more stressful.


However, on the downside it may mean you are restricted to the current layout as it may be difficult to move existing cabinets without damaging them. If you were to completely strip out the entire kitchen or barhroom then you could design a totally new layout. If your cabinets are particularly old, it may also be the case that the cabinet door sizes are not standard and while we can cut doors to size, you may find that for particularly outsized doors, the cost can be increased somewhat.

Whichever option you choose in the end, our team of staff are happy to help you pick out the right products for your needs. We have a wide selection of cabinetry, cabinet doors and wood veneers to choose from and we are happy to advise you on any of our products. We even have samples available for purchase to help with the selection process.