On of the latest trends when it comes to cabinet doors both in the kitchen and the bathroom is lapiswood. With it's distinctive blue hue it is easy to see why. At 27estore.com our lapiswood wood veneer presents you with the perfect opportunity to create a modern and high class look in your home. Our wood veneer can be used to give cabinet doors a new lease of life, to clad islands and units or to create feature panels on interior doors.

Lapiswood is created by using water based natural dyes on the grain to give it that unique blue coloring in the grain. This gives a really contemporary twist to natural wood. The beautiful blue dye comes from the Lapis lazuli semi-precious stone which is prized for its striking blue color. This stone has been mined from as early as the 3rd millennium BC with Lapis based jewelry being discovered in both Predynastic Egyptian and Ancient Sumerian sites. The use of ground Lapis to create paints and dyes has been popular since around the same time.

Our Lapiswood veneer looks particularly striking with darker counters as this really makes the blue tinge pop! Like all of our wood veneers, our Lapiswood Straight Grain sheets are strong and durable. The veneer sheets are supplied in 4ft by 8ft sheets, but can be upgraded and supplied on 3/4 inch thick MDF board if you need something stronger. We can cut all sheets to your specifications for you.

All of the wood veneers stocked by 27estore.com feature composite wood technology, which is a cutting edge process that allows us to off the look, the feel and the warmth of wood while also being able to eliminate naturally occurring imperfections in the grain. The material is recommended for interior use on e vertical and light duty horizontal surfaces, but customers must be aware that direct exposure to sunlight or UV lighting can result in fading and discoloration. We do endeavor to ensure all of the wood veneers are consistent in color and pattern, but as it is a real wood product there will be natural differences will occur from time to time.