If you want to create a stunning home, one of the best ways to achieve this is by installing quality interior doors. What are the different types of interior doors on the market? The wide range of modern, interior door styles out there means you have endless options.

Can Interior Doors Be Used as Exterior Doors?

Buying interior doors isn’t always straightforward, and it can be difficult to decide which interior doors best suit your needs. If you’re strapped for time or don’t have a contractor on hand, you might be wondering if you can buy interior doors with pre-cut hinges. Luckily, you can!

When Can Interior Doors Be Used as Exterior Doors?

Under certain circumstances, interior doors can be used as exterior doors. However, this should be done only after considering these key factors:

  • Type and location of the building
  • Weather patterns
  • Security
  • Access
  • Other safety requirements

One situation in which interior doors can be used as exterior doors is when the building is located in a mild climate with little exposure to weather elements, such as rain or extreme temperatures.

If you’re using an interior door for exterior purposes, it should be made of robust materials, such as metal or composite wood that can withstand heavy weather conditions and keep the building secure. The interior doors should also be installed with weatherstripping, threshold, and airtight seals to prevent drafts, leaks, and energy loss.

When Interior Doors Shouldn't Be Used as Exterior Doors

In most cases, interior doors should not be used as exterior doors because they are not designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Constant exposure to intense conditions can cause these doors to wear down or break faster. If this happens and the door is not promptly replaced, it can expose homeowners to weather damage on the inside of the home, such as water damage.

Another reason interior doors should not be used as exterior doors is that they do not provide adequate security. Interior doors are designed to provide privacy and noise reduction within the building and do not have the same level of protection against intruders as exterior doors, such as durability or the ability to install additional locks. Using interior doors as exterior doors can put the building’s occupants at risk of theft, burglary, or violence.

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Our Verdict

We don’t recommend interior doors replace exterior doors due to their lack of durability and security features, which can compromise the building's residents and value. In some instances, you may be able to use interior doors as an exterior door, but you must weigh all of the factors.

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