No matter the size or decor theme of your home, bring added style and functionality to any space. However, there is always the risk of glass shattering, which can very easily ruin the outlook of your home.

If your interior glass door has cracked or broken, you don’t necessarily need to replace the entire door. You can simply replace only the glass in the door, saving yourself a lot of time, hassle, and money.

The glass in doors is held in place by wood molding. For most , the glass pane is typically not glued in, and a light bead of silicone may be used around the perimeter to cushion the glass. If this is the type of installation in your door, you can easily replace the glass in case it is cracked or broken.

Here are the supplies you will need:

  1. Hammer
  2. Chisel
  3. Putty knife
  4. Silicone caulk
  5. One-inch pin nails
  6. Pin nailer
  7. Diagonal pliers
  8. Putty crayon

If you’re ordering new glass for replacement, make sure to measure the panel space accurately, and order the glass at least one-eighth shorter in width and length than the opening. Remember, the door glass should not be an exact fit for the space, and there must be some room left to allow for the expansion and contraction of the wood body.

If possible, the best way to order a replacement is to use the piece of glass you removed to accurately measure the size you will need. If you’re working with wood, make sure to wear safety glasses and take all necessary precautions before beginning.

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How to Replace the Glass Panel in a Door

Here are the ten steps you need to take to replace the glass panel in a door:

  1. Insert the tip of a nail into the bottom cylinder of the door hinges, and tap straight on the end of the nail with your hammer to drive the pin out of the hinges. Carefully grab the door with both hands and slowly pull it loose from the jamb. Place the removed door flat across two sawhorses, keeping the interior side facing towards you.
  2. Insert the tip of your putty knife between the molding and the side of the door, behind the pieces of molding around the perimeter of the glass. Slowly pry the molding off.
  3. Insert the tip of your chisel into the opening that you created with the putty knife. Loosen the brads holding the molding to the side of the door, using your putty knife to pry hard enough until the molding comes off onto the door. Repeat to remove the molding on all four sides of the glass panel.
  4. Using your diagonal pliers, carefully pull all the nails out from the molding and door. Keep the pieces in order or take a photograph to have a reference for putting them back on.
  5. Insert the tip of your putty knife behind the glass panel, carefully pry it up, using your fingers to remove it from the door. If there is any glue holding the glass in place on the opposite side, lift the glass slowly and carefully until it pulls free.
  6. Scrape the inside of the opening with your putty knife, removing any residual caulk, putty, debris, or glue from where the glass was placed.
  7. Run a small bead of clear silicone caulk around the perimeter of the old glass position. Carefully place the new glass panel into the opening, gently pressing down with your fingers to flatten the silicone slightly.
  8. Place the molding back on the door in the same order you removed it, using your photo for reference. Hold the molding tight against the class, using your pin nail to shoot one-inch nails through the molding pieces at a thirty-degree angle.
  9. Make sure that the pin nails angle over the edge of the glass and enter into the sides of the door opening. Repeat to install all four pieces of molding in the same manner, shooting four evenly-spaced nails through each piece.
  10. Use a color-matched putty crayon to putty the nail holes. Carefully lift the door, place it back on the hinges, and re-install the pins. Check if the pins are tightened enough, congratulate yourself on a job well done, and maybe !

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