Glass doors bring a timeless elegance to any home. They’re a piece of art in themselves, but on special holidays, they can become a great canvas to adorn with beautiful pieces.

Christmas is a time when doors are decorated with wreaths to welcome the season, but how do you hang one on exterior or without damaging the frame and the glass? It’s actually pretty simple–with just a few tools you can get in a hardware store, you can put your wreath on display without worrying about having to speed-dial a for a !

How to Hang a Wreath on Your Glass Door

Glass works great with adhesives, suctions, and magnets, so there are many ways in which you can hang a wreath on a glass door. Here are some of the easiest DIY options:

Using a Wreath Hanger

A wreath hanger is an over-the-door hanger made specifically for hanging wreaths without having to drill a hole in your door frame or stick anything onto its glass panes. To install it, simply slide the hanger over the top of your door exactly where you’d want your wreath to hang. It’s best to get an adjustable wreath hanger so you can position it the way you want. Now, you can suspend your wreath on the hanger’s exposed hook.

Note that wreath hangers may prevent some doors from closing properly, and the extra hardware may affect the look of your door.

Using a Wreath Magnet

Magnets work great for hanging lightweight wreaths on single-pane glass doors. However, you have to make sure it can carry the weight of your wreath and that the magnets work properly through your door frame or glass panes (the manufacturer’s guidelines for the magnets will tell you all you need to know).

To hang a wreath using a wreath magnet, open your door so you can easily reach both sides at the same time. Place one magnet on the inside, then the other on the outside, making sure that they mirror each other’s position exactly. Once the magnet is attached, hang your wreath on the side with the hook. Remember to keep checking your wreath periodically just to ensure that the magnet has stayed in place!

Using Temporary Hooks

Temporary hooks, like adhesive hooks or suction hooks, are subtle yet functional hanging devices for your wreath, and you can easily remove them after the holidays without leaving any damage to your glass door.

To place your wreath on a temporary hook, clean your door, particularly in the area where you’re going to stick the hooks. With the door closed (so you can push the hook better onto the surface for a firmer grip), push the adhesive or suction side of the hook to the door, holding it with a bit of pressure to ensure that it sticks properly. Hang your wreath, and you’re done!

Wind and weather can loosen temporary hacks on exterior doors, so check on it occasionally to make sure it’s still intact.

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Using Command Strips

Command Strips come in various sizes, making them an ideal choice for hanging any size wreath. Similar to temporary hooks, these strips can be attached or removed easily without affecting your glass door, but they offer the extra advantage of acting like an invisible attachment (at least, on the outside of your door) to keep your wreath up.

To attach your wreath to your door using Command Strips, first, wipe down your door’s surface to make sure there’s no dust or dirt, then dry it. Attach the Command Strip to the back of your wreath, then stick it onto your glass door, holding it firmly in place for at least thirty seconds to keep it in place.

Be careful when you’re sticking the strips onto your door frame as some might be too strong and strip away the paint when you remove them.

Using a Ribbon

Using a ribbon is a fun way to hang your wreath onto your glass door, giving your fixture a more festive look. To do this, cut a thick piece of satin or grosgrain ribbon; you’ll want a piece that’s long enough to hang your wreath at your desired height when doubled. Loop the ribbon to the back of the wreath, then join the ends. Finally, secure the ribbon to the top of your door with thumbtacks or adhesive tape.

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